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  • Private Equity Banking - Becoming your own banker is one of the smartest concepts in personal money management. Teach your children this, and watch them flourish.
  • College Funding - Learn How To Save And Pay For A Child's College Education
  • Immediate Annuity - Learn How To Safely Increase Your Retirement Income by 50%.
  • Learn How to Prevent the IRS from Forcing Your Heirs to Sell Your Business - Estate tax liability has forced thousands of families to sell their farm or business to pay off the taxes. Learn how to solve this problem before it becomes a problem.
  • Social Security - Learn How To Get The Most Income Out Of Your Social Security Benefits
  • Tax Free Retirement Income - A recent study by AARP concluded that the biggest financial burden most retirees will face is taxes!!! More than rent, food, housing, and utilities, taxes may be the number one concern for preserving retirement income dollars. Learn about a proven strategy to generate tax-free living benefits.
  • https://www.annuity.org/financial-literacy/ - In hopes of promoting Financial Literacy, please find what I  believe to be the most comprehensive, easy-to-read guide on financial literacy on the internet. This page covers things like setting a budget, how to use credit responsibly, planning for retirement and much more. 

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